DOWNLOAD: Bobby Brackins “Stay On It” Mixtape


I just discovered her on my TL and I will have to say she is HARD AF, I haven’t hear a raw spitting WOMAN EMCEE in a long time. She kills shit is an understatement, she slaughtered every song I listened to of hers. I had to show love & she is representing for us REAL ASS WOMEN (Thug Chicks), who call it like we see, ain’t afraid to speak our minds & understand the meaning of the HUSTLE. I can always appreciate a real ass G, make sure to follow her on Twitter @PersiaNYC

Born and raised in Far Rockaway Queens, New York. Persia is a throw back to the old-school New York, which means she’s raw in your face, so holds-barred grimey when rhyming. But Persia is far from a one dimensional “thug chick”. Persia embodies all that the streets have taught her along with the values that her mother has instilled in her. Pulled into the business like a calling, some are just naturals-and she is one of those people. Rapping not for the fame and fortune but because it just seems to be second nature, a therapeutic release. And with fans all over the world, she has an army behind her. Some acts need a gimmick, but these days people trust real people who speak the truth. Not everything is a massive takeover, something’s are small wars won everyday in front of the microphone.

As stated in Complex Magazine ” Soon the world will know what only a few know now: Persia is a born star, point blank “.

Check out her website for more information

“I Will Chris Brown You At Your Own Game, It’s A Beating.” – Persia

Persia “Rack City [Big Titty Remix] Cover”

Tyga is cool but he needs to switch up his style…every damn song sounds the same, so do the beats…how long you plan on running this program BRAH?!?!



DOWNLOAD: Tyga “#BitchImTheShit”

AUDIO: Tyga “Snapbacks Back” FT. Chris Brown [Urban Noize Remix]

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