Well hot damn! I heard about this song on the radio this morning driving into work. I am at a point where the non-sense has to stop already. In other words C.Breezy let it the F go, you & RiRi aren’t together, so who cares who she is laying down with etc. You moved on, didn’t YOU? You praise your Asian (“P**sy a** ni**as, stop hatin. You ni**as mad cause you f**kin’ with them regular hoes and aint none better than my Asian.”) for being a ride or die chick yet you still stuck on your EX? FOH with this BS, you’re 24 acting like a 2 and/or 4 year old! I personally think that Chris Brown &  Ray J need to find some closure apparently LOL!

“I’m 24 now, yeah I’m gettin’ older, but I don’t give a f**k, my heart getting colder. Now every ni**a in the industry done f**ked my b**ch, and all my niggas said “I told ya..”  – (source: Bossip)

Bossip reports — DJ Khaled recently released few tracks of off his upcoming new album, and one of them is a song titled “I’m Still,” which features an angryy-bird-like Breezy airing out his life frustrations. However, there was also an unreleased version of the song that Chris wanted everybody to hear, so he made sure they did and put it out shortly after.




Chris Brown’s Neck Tattoo Causes Controversy

OMG Yahoo! reports — Chris Brown confused many, many observers on Tuesday, after a photo emerged of the singer showing off a sizable new neck tattoo — which at first glance seemed to potentially portray his ex girlfriend and/or a battered woman. A rep for the 23-year-old “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer subsequently denied that the fresh ink was a rendering of either Rihanna, 24, or any battered female.

However he has confirmed that it is NOT an homage of Rihanna despite the eerie resemblance as some have said it to be. He stated that “His tattoo is a sugar skull (associated with the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead) and a MAC cosmetics design he saw,” the rep told ABCNews.com as controversy swirled around the photo. “It is not Rihanna or an abused woman as erroneously reported.” (source NY Daily News)

This is what he tweeted (see below). My personal opinion is that this has NOTHING to do with Rihanna whatsoever, but hey GOSSIP sells.


WELL DAMN!!! Throwing Bottles In the Club & Beefing Over Rihanna???

DAMN…it seems like last night Drake & Chris Brown got into an altercation. MTO reports that Chris sent a bottle of champagne to Drake’s table as a peace offering & Drake sent it back with a message along the lines of  “I’m F***KING the LOVE of YOUR LIFE, get over it!” this caused Chris to go into a rage. He went over to Drake’s table to confront him & his entourage, Drake swung & before Chris could swing back a bottle was thrown at his face.

TMZ reports that this is false, and what really happened was that the two had been in the VIP hanging out. Drake started yelling & pointing at Chris & he began yelling back. This was the point where members of both entourages began shoving each other, somewhere in between the tension someone throw a bottle. That’s when the shoving went to throwing punches.

This morning Drake’s camp released a statement saying, that he was not involved in the brawl at all, the brawl/beef was between Chris & Meek Mill. Apparently, he has beef with Meek Mill because he also had sexual relations with Rihanna. Now what gets me is if you have a new chick, why you worried about who Rihanna is f***ing?!?!? This leads me to believe that he is still creeping with her LOL…I don’t blame either one of them tho.

Chris went on Twitter last night, tweeted a picture of his face (where you can clearly see a chunk from his chin is gone) & said the following: “How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol… Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!.”  However, he later deleted the tweet & picture. Lucky for you the picture is below.

TMZ reports — 10:55 AM PT — Drake’s rep just issued a statement about the incident, insisting Drizzy wasn’t involved in the brawl at all … the beef was between CB and another rapper named Meek Mill.

10:15 AM PT — A witness who was inside the club tells TMZ … Chris Brown did NOT send any bottles over to Drake’s table, despite several reports to the contrary.

We’re told both Brown and Drake had been hanging out in the VIP section … when Drake began pointing and yelling at Brown.

Brown began yelling back … and that’s when members of both entourages rushed in and began shoving each other.

With tensions running high, someone threw a bottle — which set the whole thing off … and the shoving turned to punches.

We’re told club security rushed in to break up the fight … and called police for backup. Brown and Drake left the scene by the time cops showed up … but several members of their entourages remained at the club.  Multiple members of both crews required medical assistance.

We’re told the club suffered some serious damage in the fight — including busted up tables, broken mirrors, shattered lighting and glass scratches all over the floors.

I know this is a throwback…but it still bangs!!!

AUDIO: Cam’ron “We Found Love” [Remix]

Cam’ron is getting to drop his Boss of All Bosses 3 mixtape on December 16, 2011. He decided to remix Rihanna’s latest hit “We Found Love”

J. Cole – Can’t Get Enough (Clean Version) ft. Trey Songz

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