Kim Kardashian On The PROWL

LMAO…this chick moves hella fast, now who knows if this is true since it is coming from MTO but I can’t help to think…there is SOME sort of truth behind it all. She hasn’t even signed her divorce papers & rumors are already flying around about her texting/flirting with Lance Gross (co-star), who used to date super model, Eva Marcille. She has also been in constant contact with her ex-man REGGIE BUSH…we shall see what happens!!! learned that reality star Kim Kardashian may be on the verge of an OFF SCREEN romance, with LANCE GROSS – her co-star in the coming film Tyler Perry, The Marriage Counselor.

How do we know this?? Well according to one of Kim’s FRIENDS Kim has had a crush on Lance for many years. Tells the friend, “He’s Kim’s type brown, and built.” Before marrying Kris Humphries, Kim dated Kanye West, Reggie Bush, Ray J and Nick Cannon.

And that’s not all Kim has reportedly already sent “flirty texts” to Lance, who arrived on set this morning. The friend tells, “They’ll probably be dating before the filming is over.”

And what abut REGGIE BUSH? Whom Kim has been in CONSTANT CONTACT with since ending her marriage.

LMAO Kim K Might Be A HOE But She Isn’t Stupid

HAHA!!! I think this sh*t is hilarious, only because I don’t think these two were ever IN LOVE! There were a few things Kris was taken back about somethings he discovered about Kim during the last season leading up to their engagement. For instance, he didn’t even know Kim had been married before but yet this was the WOMAN he was going to share the rest of his life with. I mean call me OLD FASHION but I think that is a pretty major key conversation to have. When the talk about the prenuptial came up, he shunned it (you know that ish pissed him OFF). I mean come on sweetheart you basically came into this engagement with nothing, your few millions are like hundreds to her. I didn’t even know who you, Kris Humphries, was until now. She gave him 15 minutes of fame in exchange for a lavish ceremony. I wouldn’t be surprised if they never even filed their marriage certificate. It was probably just for the ratings to be at an all time HIGH, SMFH…looks like KHLOE still comes out ahead LOL!!!

Kim Kardashian will not pay Kris Humphries a red cent in their divorce (DUH, did you think her MOM would let this happen?)TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, Kim and Kris have a prenup — which Kim felt was “the smart thing to do.” (& her MOM punked her a** along with Khloe)

Sources familiar with the prenup tell TMZ … the document keeps ALL assets separate, and with such a short marriage neither walks away with money from the other — not a single penny.

Now that leaves just one piece of business on the table — Kim’s $2 million engagement ring.  Sorry Kris, but you lose on 2 counts:

1.  Under California law, once you said “I do,” you lost any rights to the ring
2.  You didn’t pay for the ring, stupid (RIGHT, keep it real she did)

But it’s not horrible news for Kris, because he made $3.2 million from the Nets last season.  Oh right, there’s a lockout.  Well maybe he saved…LMFAO not such a meal ticket, huh Kris!!!

As for Kim, last year the family empire raked in $65 million. (Kim is NOT trippin’ but sweetheart who’s going to take you SERIOUS?)

Reggie Begs Kim K For A Second Chance

say it ain’t so…if it is SMDH, it’s a bit tacky that a week and a half before she is to wed Kris…Reggie is reportedly been texting Kim K, love nick names etc…not cute let it go and let it be, if you two were meant to be she wouldn’t be walking down the isle with Kris…sorry Reggie!!!

Bossip reports —

Just days before Kim Kardashian ties the knot with Kris Humphries, Life & Style has learned that Kim’s ex Reggie Bush has been messaging her asking for another chance. “He’s been sending text messages to Kim and leaving her voice mails, telling her she’s making a mistake and that he’s the one for her,” an insider reveals to Life & Style. “In the past, Kim was friendly to Reggie but now she’s stopped responding.”

As recent as Aug. 4, Kim got a call from a friend relaying a message from Reggie–while she was at Vera Wang’s NYC studio for a dress fitting! “It was a friend telling Kim that her ex Reggie Bush needed to talk to her,” reveals a source close to Kim about the call. “He was begging her to call off the wedding — and give him another chance.”

Reggie’s been texting Kim using a special nickname they’ve always kept as a secret between the two of them. “She used to love that nickname,” Kim’s pal reveals, “but now that he’s using it when she’s about to get married to someone else, it’s just annoying to her.” The pal adds, “She was burned by the end of their relationship, and she’s truly moved on.”

Kim K Sued Old Navy to Protect Sears Deal

I still think she is hating on Reggie’s new chick, but we will let the Kardashian clan tell it…

We now know what’s really behindKim Kardashian‘s lawsuit against Old Navy — protecting a HUGE deal the Kardashian clan has with Sears … sources close to the fam tell TMZ.

As TMZ first reported, Kim filed suit against Old Navy because she felt they were trying to intentionally deceive people into thinking she was a spokeswoman for the company by using a girl who looked just like her in their commercials.

But our sources say … the suit was filed because Sears felt the Old Navy commercial compromised its ad campaign for the Kardashian Kollection — an exclusive line of clothing and bedding that launches in about a month and a half.

We’re told Sears execs actually questioned if Kim was part of the Old Navy ads. The company feels the ad creates confusion in the marketplace and that happens to be exactly what Kim needs to prove to win her suit.

Bottom line — Kim doesn’t care about KK wannabes … but she cares a lot about a deal that could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Kim K Sues Old Navy Over Reggie’s GF


GTFOH…this is just the stupidest SH*T I have ever heard…seriously KIM get the F**K over it, aren’t you about to marry Kris??? The chick doesn’t LOOK that much like, DAMN!

 Kim Kardashian is suing Old Navy for using a look-alike model in their ad campaigns….According to reports, the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star is pissed as hell with the American clothing brand for using actress Melissa Molinaro, who could be easily be mistaken for Kim…The girl in question also happens to be Reggie Bush ’s girlfriend….Reggie and Kim have had a very contentious relationship since they split…with some reporting Kim still has feelings for the running back…This is some drama right here. –TO

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