I will definitely have to say that this kid, X-Phaze, is very creative, clever & I like his style. His style is different, which I know in some cases doesn’t work but for him it does. Love that at a ripe age of 17 he is crafting & honing himself as an artist. He is from Mendham, New Jersey and currently has a single called “Pretend” which just came out last week. His previous single was entitled “Hooligan” which is available on iTunes but you can find him on Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody & more. Make sure to check him out & follow him on Twitter @X_Phaze

Just in case you are wondering what his name means;

“X” resembles the unexpected and the anomalous. It is the unknown, the winner of the loser brackets, and the outcast of the in-crowd. It is a variable that seems as if it has no vitality. When the true meaning is discovered it is, in fact extremely powerful and leaves a person oblivious of what to expect.

“Phaze” signifies phases encountered throughout life, that fuse together with the inability to be fazed.

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AUDIO: Lu Barz “Jersey Dreams” FT. NJ Skeem


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Born in Trenton, NJ and raised only by his mother, D.R.E was brought up to be humble and independent. He first started rapping at the age of 16 with a high school friend, Carlous, in a rap duo called N.F.L (Niggaz for Life). Uninspired at first, he went on hiatus until 20 when he acquired his first studio network. With experience from being an executive assistant during an internship with “Off Da Hook Entertainment” and enthusiasm from recording in an actual studio, he decided to start his own label and sign himself and two other artists to form the ultimate team.

With his conscious and genuine lyrics, plus his devotion to keeping it real, he has gained a true hip-hop fan base. Certain fans consider him to be one of the realest emcees they have heard in a long time, hence the name, “Da Realest Emcee.” Since starting his label, he has performed at several venues, including “The Freedom Theater” on Temple University’s Campus, “Unity Day” in Philadelphia, Del State’s Campus and “The Wachovia Center” for the opening of the 2005 and 2006 “And 1 Mix Tape Tour.”

In addition, he has performed in showcases hosted by DJ Kay Slay and opened up for recognized artists, such as Papoose and Styles P. Along with his label mate, “Ocean,” he was awarded best hip-hop song for “Stand UP” at the 2005 Willingboro Idol Showcase. Since then, his interest in writing has increased and progressed. D.R.E has featured on several tracks with his label mates, along with other local upcoming artists, such as “The Authentic,” “Fortae the Beast,” and “Nino Breeze.” He has recently released his second solo album entitled “Hip-Hopcrisy,” which is a follow up to his debut album “My Hip-Hop Composition.” He has had air play on several radio stations, such as 100.3 The Beat, 103.3 WPRB, Kiss 101.7, voltaradio.com, and hiphopfundamentalz.com.

He is currently performing throughout the East Coast in hopes of obtaining a marketing and distribution deal. As well, to expand his experience and have another lane to drive on towards the road of success, he has recently started DJing. After taking lessons from several seasoned DJs in his tri-state area, he is spinning at small house parties and working on several mixtape projects for independent artists across the world.

Make sure to follow them on Twitter @DaRealestEmcee @Qmoshyn

Additional links to check out: Bandcamp, CD Baby, Facebook, Reverbnation

First and foremost thank you for time. My name is Alvie the Skywalker, I’m a 22 year old father, artist , and producer based out in New Jersey. I’m on the verge of releasing my fourth mixtape, Weds89. To date my last mixtape, Alvie’s Playhouse, reached 1800 + downloads all by word of mouth.

I’ve worked alongside and preformed with up and coming artists such as AbGoHard, Arron Cohen, Jimmy Astro, and The Inner City Kids. I hope that you enjoy my promo video & please make sure to follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook page & most of all I thank you for your support & time. Peace – Alvie

For updates check him on: Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud

Hurricane Irene Shuts Down NY This Weekend

So this morning I decided to call up my boy CONCH, who is from CALI but now lives in NY…here I am on the 405 driving to work, think about CONCH (hadn’t heard his voice in awhile)…so I call & he was like “hey” the usual & was like are you calling to ask me if  I’m okay? or prepared? I was like WTH are you talking about LOL…well I had no CLUE that Hurricane Irene was headed to NY, my bad haven’t been keeping track of it because it doesn’t really effect LA (slaps face)…any who he was telling me that NY is being shut down until Monday (trains, buses, everything) so wherever you are this weekend plan on staying there until Monday morning…and from the sounds of it that will even be a pain in the butt because I was told it takes a total of 6-8 hours to get everything back online…so I pray that noting to bad happens to my loved ones in NY & I promise to keep track SMH!!!

Since I have failed in updating my blog on this here I go…as details arise I will update my blog (pinky promise).

Hurricane Evacuation Zones

NY Times reports — Hurricane Irene was lumbering toward North Carolina on Friday morning, heading for a destructive march up the East Coast in an unusually broad path that could affect 55 million people.

Hurricane watches were posted for North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and New England, putting residents on notice to prepare for the worst and in some cases begin evacuations.

“The storm is moving a little bit faster than we thought,” said Josh Weiss of the National Weather Service at an 8 a.m. briefing for local emergency management workers and other government officials in the southeastern part of North Carolina, where rain was starting to pummel the coast. Tropical storm conditions are expected by early afternoon.

The storm was circling off the coast of Georgia in the late morning, slowly moving north and east, with an expected landfall of its most intense core in North Carolina on Saturday afternoon.

The hurricane’s winds weakened slightly overnight, to 109 miles per hour from 115 miles per hour, and officials downgraded the storm to a Category 2 but said no one should be lulled into complacency.

“Some re-intensification is possible today, and Irene is expected to be near the threshold between Category 2 and 3 as it reaches the North Carolina coast,” the National Hurricane Center said.

Janet Napolitano, the homeland security secretary, said at a briefing in Washington that people should not focus on the category level. “If you are in the storm path, you won’t be able to tell much difference,” Ms. Napolitano said.

Federal officials warned that whatever the force of winds, this storm is powerful and its effects will be felt well inland, as far as West Virginia, western Pennsylvania, western New York and interior New England. It is likely to cause widespread power loss, with many downed trees and flash flooding.

“This is not just a costal event,” said Bill Read, director of the National Hurricane Center. He said that he was highly confident now of the storm’s track, meaning it will be a rare hurricane that travels right along the densely populated Interstate 95 corridor.

Heavy rain in recent weeks means the ground in certain areas is already saturated, making the storm more likely to uproot trees and cause power failures that could last days.

Seas may reach as high as 20 feet in the outer coastal waters.

States of emergency were declared in five states, and evacuations were expanded as far north as New Jersey. “The latest tracking tells us that this is going to become more serious than less,” Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey said at a news conference.

Tens of thousands of people began evacuating the North Carolina coast Thursday night and Friday morning.

Tense last-minute preparations were being made from the coast to Raleigh. Although people in the Carolina beach communities have either already boarded up and left or were scrambling to get as much as they could indoors and on higher ground, hurricane fever had taken over farther inland.

“You never know what direction it’s going to come in,” said Michelle Jones, 42, who joined the crowds at a Wal-Mart in Garner not far from Raleigh.

Gas cans, water, diapers and batteries were moving out of the store as fast as they could be restocked, Ms. Jones bought tarps, bungee cords and cake. The tarps were to try to secure the items around her modular home. The cake was to help her ride out the storm tonight, which she will do alone with her cat named Mouse.

“This could flood me out or blow me down,” she said. She remembers Hurricane Fran in 1996. “They didn’t think it was coming here, and it came right up 40 to Raleigh.”

Despite strong riptides, some people were still swimming in the ocean; lifeguards near Wrightsville Beach, near Wilmington, N.C., have rescued eight people so far.

The hurricane remained on track to hit New York City late Saturday through Sunday, and officials urged people to stay away from coastal areas and to prepare for a possible shutdown of the city’s massive subway system.


The N.O.W. Generation & Supaears

The N.O.W Generation and Supaears have collaborate and arr currently putting together a tri-state music promotional tour, Headlined by ALL NEW JERSEY ARTIST, such as the following: Chad B, S.K and Nick B (of MTV teen mom), with they have the following schools interested Bloomfield College, Kean, Hosftra University, Seton Hall, Willy P, Newark n New Brunswick Rutgers and Howard University in Washington D.C. This tour is intended to be an all inclusive Jersey movement & I have teamed up to support the cause and help promote this tour…here is a sneak peek of the HEADLINERS, there is more information to come…so NEW JERSEY stand the F up & REPRESENT!!!

For more information/updates follow @MESPromo

S.K. @GetSkrilla


N.I.C.K. B

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